Airpod Skins

Apple Airpods. I’m loving them, but not loving how they can look like giant Q-TIPS® hanging out of your ears. I went with the MightySkins from Amazon in the wood grain finish.

The application was a bit tedious, but the overall treatment was a success. I’d recommend them.



The decals come on a little single sheet. There are several little perforation knockouts you’ll need to pop out using a pin.


I applied the main tube section which was the easiest part.


Then I applied the two separate sections for the bud, which left a tiny seam. This was the hardest part.


Then anxiously tested the fit into the case, which worked flawlessly.


There was a little bit of bubbling near the edges (what do you expect – you’re applying a flat sticker to a curved surface). The tackiness allows for several repeat application attempts, so don’t worry if you goof the first couple times.


Overall – they turned out great.