iPhone Feature Wish List

FaceID while driving is challenging b/c my eyes are usually in the road. This is where TouchID had an advantage. I want to be able to jump in the car and put my phone in a mode that doesn’t require me to unlock my phone. Sure, there are ways to turnoff the auto lock, but you can’t do it through Siri, so there’s no quick way to do that. Auto lock is disabled when using an app like Waze, so I often drive around w/ Waze on, just so my phone won’t auto lock.

When FaceID doesn’t succeed, I always wonder whether I’m too close, or too far, or the camera is aimed wrong. It would be nice to get an onscreen guide on where my camera is targeting my face. It can give me some real-time cues to either tilt/turn the phone, move further away, or closer. If it’s just not my face, then i’ll know to look harder at the screen or take off my sunglasses.

Airpod Skins

Apple Airpods. I’m loving them, but not loving how they can look like giant Q-TIPS® hanging out of your ears. I went with the MightySkins from Amazon in the wood grain finish.

The application was a bit tedious, but the overall treatment was a success. I’d recommend them.



The decals come on a little single sheet. There are several little perforation knockouts you’ll need to pop out using a pin.


I applied the main tube section which was the easiest part.


Then I applied the two separate sections for the bud, which left a tiny seam. This was the hardest part.


Then anxiously tested the fit into the case, which worked flawlessly.


There was a little bit of bubbling near the edges (what do you expect – you’re applying a flat sticker to a curved surface). The tackiness allows for several repeat application attempts, so don’t worry if you goof the first couple times.


Overall – they turned out great.


MacBook Support of External Monitors


2016 Macbook issues with external monitor… the bottom line is that is doesn’t work… or maybe it was never meant to be.

The Problems With MacBook and External Display

The problem we saw was gittering screen display which was extremely distracting and annoying. When the computer goes into screensaver mode or falls asleep, the monitor never wakes up from its nap.

How to Connect External Display to MacBook

We hooked up a brand new laptop to a 27″ LG LED monitor in the various configurations using three adapters, one of which was from Apple, and two were off-brands:

  • Thunderbolt to VGA
  • Thunderbolt to DVI
  • Thunderbolt to HDMI
  • HDMI to HDMI



Connecting LG Monitor to MacBook

We also went back to Fry’s to buy another LG monitor and loaded up the latest drivers with the same issues. It worked flawlessly with two MacBook Pros, so we knew it was an issue with the Macbook, itself.

$500 later… 

The Solution to Connecting a MacBook to External Display

The Geniuses at the Apple Store blamed it on the fact that it wasn’t really meant to work. Seeing how there’s no Thunderbolt display, it should’ve been a clue when seeing how all their Cinema Displays don’t have a trivial means to connect to a Macbook – or shall I say no Macbook was meant to natively hook up to a monitor. The unofficial chatter at the store was that customers who buy the Macbook never actually use it with an external monitor, so whomever sold this to you [knowing you needed it to drive a huge monitor to run Photoshop and Sketchup], should NOT have sold this to you.

They actually took the MacBook as an exchange for a MacBook Pro. We paid the different, but lost out on a couple hundred dollars in these USB-C adapters, cords, and the extra test monitor.


Monitor Stopped Working After MacOS Update

External Monitor Stopped Working on OSX

Yes – all hail Apple… until you’re stopped dead in your tracks after an OS update that left you monitorless. (Of course, that’s a word!)

After reading Apple discussion forums and lot’s of Stackoverflow, the whole SMC reset routine did the trick.

How to Reset the SMC

MC-What?? So the SMC is something that controls of a whole bunch of important stuff – anyways, to reset it:

Ya power down your computer (leave it plugged in), then hold down these keys:


Hold it down until something happens… or let go if nothing happens. On my Macbook 2016- I got the power meter to pop up on the screen. Other reported flashing lights on the power cord.

Startup the computer, then plugin the monitor and cross your fingers 😉


OSX 10.7 Snow Leopard High CPU

After about 6 weeks of troubleshooting, I finally solved an issue w/ my 2008 iMac 27″ where apps would run at high CPU, pegged until I needed to hard reboot. No matter what app, it didn’t matter… all browsers, Lightroom, TextEdit, iTunes… all pretty weird. Time Machine hung while indexing… ANYWAY….

http://www.rdoxenham.com/?p=259&cpage=1  Posted about Apple kernal extensions that were meant to reduce heat, but sometimes fell into a bad loop. The blog details all the assumptions, but all I needed to know was to remove a single plist file to fix it.

cd /System/Library/Extensions/IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext/
cd Contents/PlugIns/ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext/
cd Contents/Resources/

Then locate the file to remove from within that folder. It will be a file that describes your product number.


UPDATE 1/1/14

While this seemed to work for a short period of time, the real issue was bad RAM. I removed one of the 4GB simms, and voila!