The Obvious Place to Find Robot Bartenders

I’ve written a number of posts about robot bartenders and will continue to… as long as I’m entertained by the intersection of man and machine 😉 Overall – it’s rather cheesy, but it fits nicely aboard a cruise ship.

Researchers and engineers at MIT Senseable City Lab, Cambridge, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company and Bacardi rum, have designed a robotic bar, capable of preparing approximately one googol (equal to 10 power 100) crowd-sourced drink combinations. The project, called “Makr Shakr”, was developed with the endorsement of “World Expo Milano 2015 – Energy for Life. Feeding the Planet”, and was origintally tested during Milan Design Week (April 9-14th, 2013) before being unveiled in its final form at Google I/O in San Francisco (on May 15th, 2013).