MacBook Support of External Monitors


2016 Macbook issues with external monitor… the bottom line is that is doesn’t work… or maybe it was never meant to be.

The Problems With MacBook and External Display

The problem we saw was gittering screen display which was extremely distracting and annoying. When the computer goes into screensaver mode or falls asleep, the monitor never wakes up from its nap.

How to Connect External Display to MacBook

We hooked up a brand new laptop to a 27″ LG LED monitor in the various configurations using three adapters, one of which was from Apple, and two were off-brands:

  • Thunderbolt to VGA
  • Thunderbolt to DVI
  • Thunderbolt to HDMI
  • HDMI to HDMI



Connecting LG Monitor to MacBook

We also went back to Fry’s to buy another LG monitor and loaded up the latest drivers with the same issues. It worked flawlessly with two MacBook Pros, so we knew it was an issue with the Macbook, itself.

$500 later… 

The Solution to Connecting a MacBook to External Display

The Geniuses at the Apple Store blamed it on the fact that it wasn’t really meant to work. Seeing how there’s no Thunderbolt display, it should’ve been a clue when seeing how all their Cinema Displays don’t have a trivial means to connect to a Macbook – or shall I say no Macbook was meant to natively hook up to a monitor. The unofficial chatter at the store was that customers who buy the Macbook never actually use it with an external monitor, so whomever sold this to you [knowing you needed it to drive a huge monitor to run Photoshop and Sketchup], should NOT have sold this to you.

They actually took the MacBook as an exchange for a MacBook Pro. We paid the different, but lost out on a couple hundred dollars in these USB-C adapters, cords, and the extra test monitor.