Top Picks from TC Disrupt 2012 in San Francisco

So many great startups showcased at the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. Here are my favorites:

GYFT – Digital Gift Card Wallet. They address the problem that plastic gift cards are often difficult to spend. All of us recall the gift card left on the dresser for years until it gets lost or tossed. I used to think this ‘breakage’ was the strategy behind gift cards, it has come to my attention that revenue a business collects that go unspent, actually gets donated to the state in which they were issued. The company offers a mobile app that lets you store your card so you have it whenever you need it. A neat upcoming feature would be located-based reminders if you are near a store where you might want to spend your credit.

While cars are going electric, this small startup claims the lightest electric transportation device weighing in at 14 lbs. The drawback is the driver needs to be skilled at longboarding.

Checkout the video:

BoostedBoards too hipster? The Segway too geeky? Lit Motors has showcased some amazing technology they refer to as ‘balance dynamics’, the use of gyroscopic technology to help stabilize yet another some-what scary electric vehicle.

Need a ‘wrench’ at your doorstep to get your junker on the road? No fear – there is – a mobile app that gets you a mechanic on demand.

And for the political Web-savvy crowd, there is a site for launching campaigns.


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