The Obvious Place to Find Robot Bartenders

I’ve written a number of posts about robot bartenders and will continue to… as long as I’m entertained by the intersection of man and machine 😉 Overall – it’s rather cheesy, but it fits nicely aboard a cruise ship.

Researchers and engineers at MIT Senseable City Lab, Cambridge, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company and Bacardi rum, have designed a robotic bar, capable of preparing approximately one googol (equal to 10 power 100) crowd-sourced drink combinations. The project, called “Makr Shakr”, was developed with the endorsement of “World Expo Milano 2015 – Energy for Life. Feeding the Planet”, and was origintally tested during Milan Design Week (April 9-14th, 2013) before being unveiled in its final form at Google I/O in San Francisco (on May 15th, 2013).

Cocktail Technology and Robot Bartenders

Project Gutenberg

It doesn’t exactly mix up your drinks, but it is taking baby steps in providing an automated way to check inventory and automatically restock inventory. The recyclable alcohol dispensers, shipped to your doorstep, provide a compact and elegant tabletop display. An iPad app displays the recipe, and all you have to do is dispense and mix.

The Barman Smart Cocktail Shaker

This device connects via BlueTooth to your phone to help guide pours to perfect amount… just in case you are too lazy to keep track of your jiggers.



This Kickstarter raised almost $200K and successfully shipped their Raspberry Pi-powered robot bartender over the summer of 2013.


Another DIY [Arduino-powered] robot bartender project raised $50K on Kickstarter and plans to ship summer of 2015.



Order your own robot bartender either unassembled or RTP (ready to pour) for about $1,450.

Smart Snowboard Bluetooth Technology

CES 2015 brings new displays, mobile technology, and…. hi tech snowboards 😉

Learn to snowboard or tweak your ability using a smart snowboards setup that consists of smart bindings with sensors, coupled with iOS and Android apps. CEREVO, the Japanese-based tech company has introduced the XON Snow-1, which collects data from four load sensors and two flex sensors to help riders visualize their sessions. For several hundred dollars, we’ll see how technology gives riders an edge.

Portable Car Seat by Volvo

Parents with young children have all endured the dreaded airport trips with carseats in tow. Handling your suitcases and carseats seem just about feasible, until you’re faced with chasing a 2 year old around the security lines. Addressing this pain point is Volvo, with their inflatable concept portable carseat – something only a well-branded (and well-insured) company known for its automotive safety, would dare bring to market.