iPhone Feature Wish List

FaceID while driving is challenging b/c my eyes are usually in the road. This is where TouchID had an advantage. I want to be able to jump in the car and put my phone in a mode that doesn’t require me to unlock my phone. Sure, there are ways to turnoff the auto lock, but you can’t do it through Siri, so there’s no quick way to do that. Auto lock is disabled when using an app like Waze, so I often drive around w/ Waze on, just so my phone won’t auto lock.

When FaceID doesn’t succeed, I always wonder whether I’m too close, or too far, or the camera is aimed wrong. It would be nice to get an onscreen guide on where my camera is targeting my face. It can give me some real-time cues to either tilt/turn the phone, move further away, or closer. If it’s just not my face, then i’ll know to look harder at the screen or take off my sunglasses.

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Airpod Skins

Apple Airpods. I’m loving them, but not loving how they can look like giant Q-TIPS® hanging out of your ears. I went with the MightySkins from Amazon in the wood grain finish.

The application was a bit tedious, but the overall treatment was a success. I’d recommend them.



The decals come on a little single sheet. There are several little perforation knockouts you’ll need to pop out using a pin.


I applied the main tube section which was the easiest part.


Then I applied the two separate sections for the bud, which left a tiny seam. This was the hardest part.


Then anxiously tested the fit into the case, which worked flawlessly.


There was a little bit of bubbling near the edges (what do you expect – you’re applying a flat sticker to a curved surface). The tackiness allows for several repeat application attempts, so don’t worry if you goof the first couple times.


Overall – they turned out great.


The Obvious Place to Find Robot Bartenders

I’ve written a number of posts about robot bartenders and will continue to… as long as I’m entertained by the intersection of man and machine 😉 Overall – it’s rather cheesy, but it fits nicely aboard a cruise ship.

Researchers and engineers at MIT Senseable City Lab, Cambridge, in collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company and Bacardi rum, have designed a robotic bar, capable of preparing approximately one googol (equal to 10 power 100) crowd-sourced drink combinations. The project, called “Makr Shakr”, was developed with the endorsement of “World Expo Milano 2015 – Energy for Life. Feeding the Planet”, and was origintally tested during Milan Design Week (April 9-14th, 2013) before being unveiled in its final form at Google I/O in San Francisco (on May 15th, 2013).